NEXT LEVEL Lightning & Surge protection

Industry leading surge protection that defends your home against lightning. Backed by a 10 year / $25,000 warranty!

Lightning Shield Whole Home Surge Protector

Our Technology is the Most Affordable & Capable Lightning & Surge Protection on the Market.

We have Set a New Standard for Lightning & Surge Protection

Lightning Shield is an innovative new technology that bypasses the need for a traditional Lightning or Surge protection system altogether. By installing Lightning Shield into your breaker panel, you are protecting your entire home with an easy to install, affordable device that is faster and more robust than anything else in its class. Able to withstand over 220,000 amps, our technology redirects (shunts) power to ground at 500 trillionths of a second.

New Age of Lightning Protection

For the past 269 years, the most common way to protect from a lightning strike, was the use of a lightning rod. Now days there are many surge protection options on the market but very few offer guaranteed lightning protection. Lightning Shield is the first, and only, surge protector that offers 100% home lightning protection for $329.

Home Protection

Lightning Shield Home Surge Protection

Lightning Shield has proven to be a best in class and affordable lightning defense technology. Lightning Shield has withstood real world lightning strikes in homes across the country. At less than the cost of most home insurance deductibles, Lightning Shield will safeguard your house or apartment from a lightning strike & power surges.

made in america

Made in America

We are proud to say that we are 100% American made. With the current state of the economy, we understand that creating jobs and protecting all our life long, hard-earned investments are just as important as the bottom line. That is why Lightning Shield will always be made in America.

free usa shipping

Free USA Shipping

Not only do we make the Lightning shield right here in the USA, but we will ship, free of charge, anywhere in the continental United States. This complementary service is important because we understand that every discount helps when times are tough. It’s our way of saying Thank You for your support.

veteran owned business

Veteran Owned Business

Military service prepared our founders for the complexities and turbulence entrepreneurs encounter when building a business from the ground up. It taught us several important lessons that have reverberated through every aspect of Lightning Shield; nothing is impossible and you can’t succeed if you don’t try.

Home Protection

Our Home Lightning & Surge Protection will protect your home from direct and indirect lightning strikes. It will also protect from common surges within the homes electrical system.

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Generator Protection

Our Generator Model will protect your generator in the case of a lightning strike or surge. If Lightning takes out your power, Lightning Shield makes sure that your generator will keep your lights on.

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Internet / Data Line Protection

Our data unit will protect your data lines. Whether it’s DSL or Broadband connection, Lightning Shield’s Data Model protects these lines and the delicate electronics that are connected to them.

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