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Often, some of the greatest ideas are born by accident or are bi-products of another project. When someone is working on a solution for one problem, the failures of that solution turn out to be an answer for a completely different problem. 

The founders of Lightning Shield were working on a solar project when they realized that all their hard work would be in vain, if a single lightning strike, struck too close. They set off to find a surge protector that could not only handle the run of the mill surge, but a direct lightning strike. They searched but could not find a product out there that could claim 100% lightning protection. Disheartened, but not deterred, they decided, if they could not find a surge protector that could take a lightning strike, then they would build one. From that decision, Lightning Shield was born.

How it Started

Here at Lightning Shield, we are passionate about, not only providing protection, but making sure that it is of the highest quality. As a Veteran owned business, we want to provide a product that adheres to the needs of everyone that has been or will be, affected by the harmful effects of surges. It is equally important that we do it with the utmost integrity concerning our communities, towns, and nation. That is the reason we chose to keep the manufacturing of this product in the Heartland of the USA. Ensuring that we produce a great product at the same time we generate jobs for hardworking Americans, while guaranteeing the highest quality surge protector on the market.

It is important to understand that our passion for lightning and surge protection extends to our passion for the American lifestyle, our way of living, as well as the desire and drive of the American way. These things are what make our country one of the greatest places in the world. The Lightning Shield is a tool that can and will help ensure that way of life for everyone. Safeguarding what was once considered a luxury but has now become a necessity of our day to day lives, is the key to the production of this unit.


The Lightning Shield was born from the need to protect against lightning, which can be one of the most destructive forces on Earth, yet it is an incomplete view of the benefits of having a Lightning Shield. Surges from the power company, or from equipment on the same power line as your home, can be just as harmful to your system and are much more frequent. You can think of surges as the silent killer of your electronics. Even though a smaller power surge is not enough to outright destroy the electronics in your home, surges over time, can slowly destroy the inner components of your electronics until they can no longer function. With the Lightning Shield, we can watch for those types of surges and redirect them to the ground faster than they would be able to harm your hard-earned investments. We do this differently, and more efficiently, from any other surge protector on the market.


Lighting Shield provides 100% lightning & surge protection. We stand behind that promise and also include an industry leading warranty with every product. If our product does not protect due to a lightning strike or an over voltage of any kind, we offer a $25,000 insurance policy to replace or repair what is damaged. Our technology is designed to sacrifice itself if necessary to protect the electrical system it is installed in. If the device is damaged or stops working for any reason,  we will replace it for $50. This replacement program is valid for 10 years. 

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